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Date/Time: Sat, June 2, 2001 at 2:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Australian barrister presses ICANN to recognize alternate root...


Warren’ s Washingtion Internet Daily

DOMAIN NAMES: Australian barrister
presses ICANN to recognize
alternate root... (P. 5)

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Domain Names
Australian barrister Len Lindon, who has been waging a solitary campaign
against alleged anticompetitive activities by ICANN and the .au Domain
Administration (auDA), Thurs. advised ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn, Vp-Gen. Counsel
Louis Touton and Chief Policy Officer Andrew McLaughlin that he expected the
Internet body to recognize the “Human Rights Root Service” and to resolve
.humanrights on the ICANN root. In his letter, posted online the day before
the opening of the ICANN meeting in Stockholm, Lindon said ICANN, the
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Australia’s Minister
for Communications were “well aware” of allegations that ICANN was breaching
the Australian Trade Prac-tices Act by limiting competition in the domain
space. “The most recent proof of ICANN’s intent to destroy non-ICANN root
services and [top-level domains (TLDs)] was published by the ICANN President
on Tuesday 28 May 2001,” Lindon wrote. That’s the day Lynn posted a White
Paper that has infuriated alternate root proponents and prompted a response
from upstart registry outlining a proposal to introduce
“market-based principles into domain name governance.” While Lindon’s
.humanrights site is “prepared to mutually recognize ICANN TLDs and the
ICANN Root Service for the purpose of Internet Addressing,” he said, it
can’t have any other connection to ICANN. “The corrupt processes and
decisions of ICANN have been analysed [sic] at length,” Lindon said. “No
wonder Europeans call ICANN ‘the American Joke!’” Last Nov., Lindon asked
the ACCC to investigate claims that ICANN and auDA were anticompetitive. At
the ICANN meeting in March in Melbourne, Lindon sought an injunction against
both bodies, a request that was denied by a justice of Australia’s federal
court. The ACCC earlier had indicated that it might look into Lindon’s
allegations. However, an e-mail seeking comment hadn’t been answered by our
deadline. Wran-gling over the need for alternate roots has become so heated
that the topic been put on the agenda for ICANN’s public forum June 3. — DS

c. Warren’ s Washingtion Internet Daily
FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2001
page 5, Vol 2, No 106



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