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Username: dot humanrights
Date/Time: Sat, June 2, 2001 at 2:19 AM GMT
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Subject: recognition of non-ICANN root service and tld


From: Len Lindon
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 23:24:16 +1000
Subject: Letter-before-action (damages claim)-- note paragraph 6 below


Len Lindon, Barrister, Melbourne, Australia


ICANN Meetings, Stockholm, Sweden 1-4 June 2001


Senior ICANN Staff, namely:

M. Stuart Lynn - President and CEO

Andrew McLaughlin - Chief Policy Officer; Chief Financial Officer

Louis Touton - Vice-President, Secretary, and General Counsel

Messrs Lynn, McLaughlin & Touton are hereby requested to ensure that:

(i) ALL board-members and staff of ICANN receive copies of this
email prior to the commencement of the ICANN meetings in Stockholm

(ii) Copies of this email are made available to attendees at every
session of the ICANN Meetings in Stockholm commencing tomorrow,
Friday 1 June 2001.


1. ICANN officeholders have been personally aware since at least
Tuesday 13 March 2001 of the legal proceedings in the Federal Court
of Australia against ICANN and certain individuals alleging ICANN's monopolistic practices-- in breach of several sections of the
Australian Trade Practices Act.

2. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission-- and
its officers including  Michael Cosgrave, General Manager,
Telecommunications Group and Robin Groves-- are well aware
of these serious allegations.

3. The Australian Minister for Communications has been personally
aware of these public allegations since Monday 12 March 2001.

4. On Friday 9 March 2001 a Justice of the Federal Court of
Australia considered-- for the first time in any court in
the world-- the fact of non-ICANN root services and TLDs
and the fact of the deliberate attempt by ICANN to crush them.

5. The most recent proof of ICANN's intent to destroy
non-ICANN root services and TLD's was published by the
ICANN President on Tuesday 28 May 2001-- two days ago.

6. As an Interim Trustee of .humanrights I now require
ICANN to undertake to recognise the Human Rights Root
Service and to resolve .humanrights on the ICANN root.

7. The current Primary and Secondary server details
--including the dotted quads-- for the TLD .humanrights
will be supplied to ICANN for entry in the ICANN root
upon receipt of the undertakings in paragraph 6 above.

8. The current mirror site on the ICANN root for can be seen at

9. This site clearly satisfies the current WIPO
slash UDRP test of a Namespace Declarant offering
to provide sites within the Namespace. We also offer
email addresses, a mailinglist and realtime chat for
each site. For free. For human rights. Fair enough?

10. Whilst .humanrights is prepared to mutually
recognise ICANN TLDs and the ICANN Root Service
for the purpose of Internet Addressing, it should
be clearly understood that .humanrights Interim
Trust can not have any other association with
ICANN apart from this technical cooperation.

11. The corrupt processes and decisions of ICANN
have been analysed at length. Your pretensions,
as a USA corporation, to control a global resource
are shown up by the USG/CIA/SAIC/NSI/Verisign string.
No wonder Europeans call ICANN "the American Joke"!

[signed: Leonard Lindon, Thursday 31 May 2001 at 1pm UTC]

> [This letter is on the web at several sites including


Link: Letter to ICANN requiring recognition of .humanrights and Human Rights Root Service

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