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Username: Elvis
Date/Time: Sat, June 2, 2001 at 11:13 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Going back to our roots


Everyone has seen how the original dotbiz was treated, can ICANN now claim it has acted responsibly. The discussion document drones on and on about stability, well you can't have stability without trust.  It's clear that the free roots are going to be picked off one by one, the propaganda has started. Only by creating an alliance will the free roots survive, ICANN knows it must discredit them anyway it can or it's power will slip through it's fingers. It has to convince the world that the internet is only safe in the hands of ICANN.  The last thing it wants to see is an EU root or an Asia root.  I see a time when the EU will set up it's own root, they could better serve the interests of the member states TLDs, they have little say as things are at the moment. They could introduce new TLD's as well, more suited to EU business and culture. I would hope that sanity would prevail as regard to trademarks in any such new TLD's, the nets new cybersquaters seem to be trademark lawyers. Did you know someone has registered as a trademark, you can be pretty sure it was not God. It's a pity so much money, time and energy is being spent to make sure our children can see the same brand software or cola in every available TLD but nothing is being done to protect them from seeing the sick sites that are out there and are allowed to prosper.      


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