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Username: Slicer
Date/Time: Sun, June 3, 2001 at 9:01 AM GMT
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Subject: Why an alt-root/ICANN agreement wouldn't happen.


"In this case ICANN should sign a contract with that alternate root
service provider, similar to the one Verisign just signed. This means
that the existing database would be taken over and NOT duplicated or
even deleted."

That would have been a possibility, but wasn't going to happen for at least two solid reasons:

1. The alt-root .biz is populated by people wishing to take over/parody trademarks. NeuLevel, in its report, gave an enormous laundry list of these. If you think the alt-root crowd can yell, you have no idea how loud an angry large-corporation lawyer squad sounds. To deal with all the squatted .biz's would have taken an incredible amount of meatgrinding.

2. It would have set a precedent. As I've said on other threads, once ONE idiot can introduce a TLD into ICANN, EVERYONE will try to. "No, WE have the TLD!" "We had it first!" "We've been serving customers with that TLD for years!!" ICANN is a small organization. How many claims do you think it can deal with? And how many people would start a cottage industry of making TLDs and getting ICANN to let them control them for the wider world? Sort of like's game, only worse.

Add to that the fact that the alt-roots were never all that friendly towards ICANN in the first place and you have why ICANN has basically said that it's simply not responsible for what happens to them.

You, like some other posters, assume that ICANN is directly in charge of a database of name owners (which follows from saying that it can take it over). This is not true. ICANN appoints other, larger organizations (currently VeriSign for .com, .net, and .org) to do that work for it. Even if ICANN adopted the alt-root's .biz, it would have to find someone with global-scale connectivity (e.g. serious money/resources) to implement it.

By the way, 'David Bohecker' was an alias I entered- my favorite one- because I didn't think I could just leave the field blank.

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