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Username: Slicer
Date/Time: Sun, June 3, 2001 at 7:44 PM GMT
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Subject: And they'll want it even less after they think about it.


"This kind of hiding usually indicates that the writer would not even support his own opinion in public."

Got news for ya: This is public. Do you seriously need to ask why I don't give my real name in a place like this? A quick glance through the forum should answer that.

"Please be reminded that traditional trademark law DOESN'T offer any
possible way to register adresses as trademarks and we are talking
about addresses here."

Which is the whole point of the UDRP: to prevent cybersquatting. The scam is quite simple: squatters take over the corporation's name/product and then try to resell it to the corporation for an amount of money which is large to them but small to the corporation, which could be millions. You obviously have no problem encouraging that, but you forget that there's lots of real people behind these corporations who don't want to be scammed.

"Remember: alternate roots exist legitimately and for pretty much as
long as the legitimate root does."

No they don't. Who gave them legitimacy? Why should the wider world be forced to respect the TLD of an alt-root which just made it up itself? And why should ICANN respect one alternate root when it might be fighting over a TLD with others?

(me) "Even if ICANN adopted the alt-root's .biz, it would
have to find someone with global-scale connectivity (e.g. serious
money/resources) to implement it."

"Correct, and that is exactly why they could easily appoint owners of
alternate root services too and have them run the respective
registry for a new gtld."

You completely missed it. GLOBAL-SCALE CONNECTIVITY. That is, it's going to have to deal with applications for domain names from the WORLD. Do you really think Pissant Root from Bumfuck, Nowhere can deal with the flood of applications that a popular TLD would get? Or maybe they'd end up something like "If you want your application actually processed, send us a $100,000 processing fee." I've seen lots of accusations about ICANN/Verisign being corrupt. What do you think a tiny alt-root, which suddenly finds itself intoxicated with power, would do? Policing? ALL of them? Yeah, try it.

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