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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, June 3, 2001 at 9:22 PM GMT
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Subject: Your opinion is mainstream, but totally wrong.


       Your opinion is mainstream, but wrong.

>>You obviously have no problem encouraging that, but you forget that
there's lots of real people behind these corporations who don't want
to be scammed.<<

I am CEO myself and have been "scammed" for a number of names we own
international trademarks of. But where is the "scam"? Nowhere!
I simply said: No, we are not interested - full stop ... and we used
another name, which we could get at a reasonable price.

Where is the problem?

If we were to late in registering the best name for an existing
product, we simply check how much the advertising value of that
name would be ... and offer that price to the current owner.

What's the difference in paying 500'000$ for 20 tv spots of 30
seconds or paying the same amount for the domain
name "", if the effect in both cases is

Are the tv spot resellers "scamming" me? Certainly not.
Nor is the seller of the respective domain name, who simply was
quicker than we were.

The current situation is a pure interpretation by companies who don't
mind changing the rules according to their own advantage.
It has nothing to do with classic trademark law. No more, no less.

>>Who gave them legitimacy? Why should the wider world be forced to
respect the TLD of an alt-root which just made it up itself?<<

Please cite the law saying that the creation of a new gtld
service in an alternate root is a crime. There is none.

Well then why should they be illegitimate?

>>Do you really think Pissant Root from Bumfuck, Nowhere can deal
with the flood of applications that a popular TLD would get? Or maybe
they'd end up something like "If you want your application actually
processed, send us a $100,000 processing fee."<<

And what? You may simply use/buy another tld for the name you want to
register and stay clear off them. If nobody pays $100'000 then they
will change their mind quickly. If someone does, they certainly won't.
But what are you suffering from? Hystery?

Please check prices with
They are doing very good, legitimate business. If I am not happy with
their prices or their services, I simply don't use them. But believe
it or not: Their service is far better than the one VeriSign offers.

The artificial scarcity of domain names combined with the completely
changed trademark "laws", leads to a situation which couldn't be
Take Neulevels dot biz:

I want to apply for names we registered as trademarks (internationally).
Do you know how that works?

Well get $100'000 ready for each name, before you even start.
I can see your face crying: WHY??!??

Well, because you can't really register the names, but you have to
run though a lottery system (which IS ridiculous, but very lucrative
for Neulevel).

If you want to get a fair chance, you have to submit at least 20'000
times. Then your chances are about 1 : 2.5 to get the name (according
to our own statistic research).

But I still don't know, if we get the names. That means that we are
forced to paying $100'000 WITHOUT any guarantee of service.

If we don't get the name, we still don't get our money back. Fair?

It's like paying $100'000 to a tv spot reseller, who is then making a
lottery to see if he will send your spot or another one.
If you "loose", he won't send your spot, nor will he pay you back ...!

Do you still think ICANN is doing a good job?

You must be a fool to think that this is better than a contract
between ICANN and an Alternate Root. If the alternate root servers
don't work, I may simply buy new ones for $500'000 for them.

But at least I know that I get the names I paid for.

Hopefully you can see the difference and hopefully
Mr. Stuart Lynn is "allowed" to see it, too ...

Friedrich Kisters   


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