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Username: Domain Island
Date/Time: Tue, June 5, 2001 at 12:03 AM GMT
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Subject: Colliding Multilingual TLDs in existing alternate roots (.name, .info, .biz)


From: Domain Island (,  the multilingual registry for “.name” and “.info”, manager of the existing multilingual Universal Root

Who’s Internet is it Anyways?

The Internet belongs to all of us.

Not only does ICANN want to duplicate our TLDS (see letters to the U.S. Congress at: ), but now wants to establish a centralized authoritative root (using only Verisign/ICANN root servers), knowing there are existing alternative roots.

ICANN’s proposal is contrary to the spirit of the Internet; the Internet is a decentralize global network of computers. The proposal of ICANN amounts to the beginning of the worldwide governance of the Internet, via ICANN (Big Brother), and behind ICANN, the U.S. Department of Commerce (Bigger Brother).

93% of the world population’s mother tongue is not English. Domain Island has introduced multilingual TLDs in 7,000 languages, to allow people who cannot understand English to easily access the Internet.

If centralize control of a unique root is implemented, this means a minority (only ICANN officials) will be controlling the reminder of the earth’s Internet population, including all the world’s languages. This means if we want Chinese TLDs or Arabic TLDs or Japanese TLDs, we will all have to pass through the ICANN monopoly.

Nation states are sovereign; ICANN’s proposal violates international law, which protects linguistic FREEDOMS, and culture FREEDOMS; not even the United Nations has the power to control the world, so why should ICANN be given this power, and under what God given authority does ICANN exist.

Important multilingual roots include the Universal Root (Multilingual), CNNIC (Chinese), I-DNS (Multilingual), Native Names (Arabic), and among others.

Currently, all the alternative roots work together, with no major problems, but with ICANN creating hundreds of thousands of duplicate domain names (.name, .info, and .biz), will destabilize the Internet. The same domain name will lead to different Websites, and e-mail addresses.

I know we are just wasting our time with this post, because ICANN will not listen anyways. This letter is for the Internet Public to understand that FREEDOM OF CHOICE is the guiding principle of a free, and democratic society.

Domain Island


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