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Username: Accord
Date/Time: Wed, June 6, 2001 at 1:56 PM GMT
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Subject: A single root is anti competitive.


..and against the spirit of the internet.
What right does Icann have to clamp down on alternative roots?
(Is this discussion paper trying to lay the foundations for future action...?)

There is no concern for instability if alternative roots contain the same information for popular tld's.
And it is in the PUBLIC GOOD if internet users are able to choose an foreign or alternative domain name and choose to do so with the FULL KNOWLEDGE that the tld is in an alternative root and only accessible to a limited audience.
They are exercising their competitive CHOISE.

If such a tld were to become popular, and Icann intended to replicate it, then it would be ICANN that would cause instability and confusion, not the publicly accepted alternative tld.


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