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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, June 8, 2001 at 12:42 AM GMT
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Subject: I wrote my senator on behalf of Image Online Design---took less than 30 minutes!


It was easy!!  Don't email them if you can help it....Try and send a snail mail letter.  It will carry more weight.  For reasons I wish not to discuss I don't want to tip off who that senator is, but it isn't your average senator.  Hopefully I will be hearing something from him.  If not, I will write him again, until I hear from him.    
My feeling is Image Online Design has followed all IANA and ICANN rules.  There is no purpose to delay their entry into the legacy root.  One good thing about this process is the archived material out there, which I have been providing to my senator.  Jon Postel had a vision for those alternate root TLDs (pre-1996) wanting to enter their TLD in the legacy roots.  They had to test their "running code" and they had to show first and prior use.  It's important the facts are laid out instead of acting like the internet started in 1998.

My question to ICANN is why have these principles been ignored up to this point?  Jon Postel's ideas had merit back then and they still do today in my opinion, especially after seeing the selection process for new TLDs last November.  What has changed?  It is because more people have become interested in the internet and are looking for domains? Possibly, but what does this have to do with the "stability" of the internet. 

I just see more harm coming from changing the rules at "half-time", then applying what had been one mans life work. His hours of work and experience had to show us something, right?  Is there not at least a shred of truth to this last statement? 

I ask all of you to go into the historical archives, find stuff that is relevant and post it here.  Jon Postel is quoted many times, that back up the claim that a registry had to be in operation to show its fitness.  How will dot museum be able to do this.  The whole process is going to blow up.  Its like doing an experiment "as you go". What if in 3 years dot museum has 1,000 registered domains.  How will that company survive.  In my opinion (not a legal one) THEY NEEDED TO SHOW ICANN that their concept of dot museum could work!!  Do see Postel's genius at work here.  How could a dot museum prove its concept?  Certainly they couldn't just put a registry directly into the legacy root?  Right?  Well, I am wrong on that account--they will be doing live "testing".   I think people don't realize that Image Online Design started on the alternate root to show IANA that their concept of dot web would work, and show us they have!

Companies like Image Online Design have shown that thousands are interested in dot web, and they seem to like IOD as a registry.  They have shown they have a registry capable of handling the capacity that ICANN requires for new registrations.  They have shown that they have worked in the circles, instead of on the outside.  Not being patsies either, but good neighbors, who have given IANA and ICANN lots of good advice over the years.

I could go on, but I will save it for another day, and if your reading this Dr. M. Stuart Lynn, I don't know much about you, other than you come from an academic background from what I have read.  To me the internet represents a "freedom" to millions of internet users.  If this process comes down to giving power, to those who seek to better their stockholders bottomline, I dare say, that we have really come to a cross roads.  It is companies like Image Online Design, that while profit is important to them (as it is with any business), they have shown that they are capable of greater things for what is to come on the internet.  Who out there can say they have spent the last 5 years online, with a stable registry, other than NSI.  And the NSI database was a "hand-me-down" already-in-place system.  All I ask is for those in leadership positions at ICANN, take a look at Postels work.  Thank you. 



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