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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Fri, June 8, 2001 at 5:56 AM GMT (Fri, June 8, 2001 at 1:56 AM EDT)
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Subject: You should really research before you speak


>>Why should the wider world be forced to respect the TLD of an alt-root which just made it up itself?<<

And who annointed ICANN king of the world?  It's just another private corporation.  Who do you think made up .com/.net/.org?  A human. The creation date for .BIZ as a TLD is December, 1995.  It's not exactly new.  Respect is earned.  Has ICANN earned it?  Our registrants are quite loyal.  We are respected because of honesty and service.

>>And why should ICANN respect one alternate root when it might be fighting over a TLD with others?<<

And why should ICANN be respected for exacerbating it as the market leader with a contract that says it shall not harm existing entities?  ICANN is creating the first major collision.  The roots have been working to resolve collisions.  ICANN has just worsened the problem on a huge scale.

>>(me) "Even if ICANN adopted the alt-root's .biz, it would
have to find someone with global-scale connectivity (e.g. serious
money/resources) to implement it."<<

>>"Correct, and that is exactly why they could easily appoint owners of alternate root services too and have them run the respective
registry for a new gtld."<<

>>You completely missed it. GLOBAL-SCALE CONNECTIVITY. That is, it's going to have to deal with applications for domain names from the WORLD. Do you really think Pissant Root from Bumfuck, Nowhere can deal with the flood of applications that a popular TLD would get? Or maybe they'd end up something like "If you want your application actually processed, send us a $100,000 processing fee." I've seen lots of accusations about ICANN/Verisign being corrupt. What do you think a tiny alt-root, which suddenly finds itself intoxicated with power, would do? Policing? ALL of them? Yeah, try it.<<
Excuse me to both of you.  First of all, have you determined that there is not what you call global connectivity for the .BIZ registry?  Do you have any idea how many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the registration system?  Do you have any idea how many years the PacificRoot which is the contracted registration service has been in business as an IT company?  Try 17 years.  Their .NOMAD tld goes back to 1985.  Have you checked the capability or scalability of the registration system?  Have you load tested it? Of course not, or you would not have made the statement.  Have you checked to see if the IP block being used is portable so that important addresses will never be changed?  Wonder what would happen to some registries if their primary upstream suddenly went out of business.

Making the assumption that something that is new to YOU is not robust or capable of global registration is pretty haughty.  I would suggest you check things out prior to making wild, insulting, slanderous and inaccurate statments.

It does not take a major multinational corporation to operate a stable, robust registry.  It takes good, solid connectivity, stable IP addressing, good programming, redundant equipment, service, knowlege and experience.  We contracted with The PacificRoot for those reasons. 


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