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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, June 8, 2001 at 7:48 AM GMT
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Subject: I simply can't understand why ICANN didn't make a contract with PacificRoot to have them run dot biz


       >>Excuse me to both of you.  First of all, have you determined
that there is not what you call global connectivity for the .BIZ
registry?  Do you have any idea how many hundreds of thousands of
dollars have been invested in the registration system?  Do you have
any idea how many years the PacificRoot which is the contracted
registration service has been in business as an IT company?  Try 17
years.  Their .NOMAD tld goes back to 1985.  Have you checked the
capability or scalability of the registration system?  Have you load
tested it? Of course not, or you would not have made the statement.<<

I never stated that you were technically unable to run a top
level registry like dot biz. PacificRoot Inc. is similarily well-
known to Internet users as dot web, even though dot web enjoys
broader popularity. Their technical ability has never been
questioned, except by peoply with business interests to harm
PacifiRoot or Image Online Design.

I clearly stated that ICANN made a big mistake NOT choosing
PacificRoot Inc. to run the "newly selected" gtld dot biz.

Sorry, if I put my words unclear, causing a misunderstanding.     


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