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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sat, June 9, 2001 at 11:46 PM GMT
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Subject: ... and everybody working for an alternate root service looses his american citizenship?


       Alternate Root service providers pay taxes as everybody else.
Why should they be criminalized by some people, who are eager
to increase their own power through monopolizing the internet?

You may be the typical "extremist" or lack any technical knowledge to
behave like this in your "ardent" comments.

First of all there would be no internet without the network
experiences developed in CERN, Switzerland, either.
In the U.S. the internet was developed mainly for military reasons.

Second of all, the U.S. profit from each registration of a domain
name under any gtld, no matter where on this world someone decides
to register a domain name.

With min. 6$ per each of the 40 Million names, America already
receives 240 Mio $ per year (to a great extend from abroad).

That's at least 100 Mio $ taxes per year.

The Internet wasn't nearly as expensive as that.

Finally, all this has nothing to do with ICANNs unfortunate attempt
of grasping power over everybody and criminalizing most competitors
of their contracted registries.

ICANN is on its way to destabilize the Internet, no matter what they
are claiming. They are certainly not "stabilizing" it. (... or do you
still believe in the "kings new clothes"?)

This is clearly NOT what ICANN was created for.


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