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Username: jonpostel
Date/Time: Tue, June 12, 2001 at 10:44 PM GMT
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Subject: Just Toss A Little Cash Around The ICANN Staff ...


                ... and whalah ... instant success with a new TLD.

If ICANN is accepting bribes and payoffs, wouldn't it just be easier for the competing roots and other new TLD factions to just pass a little cash around the ICANN staff?   Sure seems logical.  Heck, it looks like that's what's happening now.  Better get in on it before the Feds finally wake up and clean house at ICANN.  And when the Feds do finally wake up, they'll put a moratorium on all ICANN decisions until the sordid mess is sorted out. 

From appearances, it looks as though the staff and Directors can be in your pocket for only a few bucks.  It's like a goddamn garage sale for TLD slots!  Make an offer!

After all, Mike Roberts said decisions are made based on the input from only the four or five most affected entities. 


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