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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Fri, June 15, 2001 at 6:30 AM GMT (Fri, June 15, 2001 at 2:30 AM EDT)
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Subject: Why would we want to be controlled by ICANN?


>>I never stated that you were technically unable to run a top
level registry like dot biz. PacificRoot Inc. is similarily well-
known to Internet users as dot web, even though dot web enjoys
broader popularity. Their technical ability has never been
questioned, except by peoply with business interests to harm
PacifiRoot or Image Online Design.<<

>>I clearly stated that ICANN made a big mistake NOT choosing
PacificRoot Inc. to run the "newly selected" gtld dot biz.<<

>>Sorry, if I put my words unclear, causing a misunderstanding.<<
I think people are a bit confused with the relationship between AtlanticRoot Network and The PacificRoot, so let me clear that up first.

AtlanticRoot (ARNI) is the manager of the .BIZ TLD, but the registration services are contracted out to The PacificRoot. It is two separate companies.  ARNI was formed after the delegation of .BIZ to Leah Gallegos (me) to be the TLD manager, and I own 51% of ARNI. 
The PacificRoot also has the pacroot (root system) that is separate from the registration entity.  Confused?  That's okay. :) When you go to register a domain name, you go to the PacificRoot registration system.

In any case, it would have been ARNI that would have applied to ICANN if we chose and we chose NOT.   
      Why should a registry and an IT company that is established want to be controlled by ICANN?  There were many reasons for not applying to ICANN and we have stated them several times, including at the Feb. 8 hearing in Washington.  The registry has its own DDRP and does not adhere to the flawed UDRP, $50k for a lottery when it is obvious there is little or no chance of winning is foolish, we should not have to compete for our own registry (TLD string), ICANN has stated many times it would not honor existing registrants even though they have live websites and e-commerce businesses.  There are more reasons, but let it suffice to say that an existing registry should simply not have to re-prove itself. 

The latest statements made by the ICANN board have proven us to be correct in our assessment.  We would have wasted the $50k plus the cost of preparation to go through a fruitless exercise.  ICANN has now also stated that they will duplicate any TLD they choose which further damages the DNS.  They feel omnipotent.  The Emperor and his clothes again.

They have stated:
We are not real
We are experimental
We are competitors
We are self serving (of course they are not)
We are in it for the money only (of course they and Neulevel have no interest in $)
There are separate name spaces
There are separate DNS's
They were unaware of .BIZ's existence
They were aware of .BIZ's existence
There is one DNS
There is one name space...  and so on

It is or it ain't.

And let's not forget the MOU, Sections II.C.1

"1. Stability

This Agreement promotes the stability of the Internet and allows the Parties to plan for a deliberate move from the existing structure to a private-sector structure without disruption to the functioning of the DNS. The Agreement calls for the design, development, and testing of a new management system that will not harm current functional operations. "

and V.D.2.

"D. Prohibitions.

2. Neither Party, either in the DNS Project or in any act related to the DNS Project, shall act unjustifiably or arbitrarily to injure particular persons or entities or particular categories of persons or entities. "


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