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Username: jeweyjewman
Date/Time: Wed, June 27, 2001 at 1:55 PM GMT
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Subject: As A Purely For-Profit Speculator ...


        Thank you ICANN.  The price of top .COM domain names remains high.  Just knowing about the release procedures for .INFO and .BIZ (i.e. sunrise periods, trademark holder preference) gives me a great advantage over most companies and individuals who will later pay me lots of money for the domains I buy now through Neulevel and Afilias.  Me and the other speculators out here will just take advantage of the fact that most of the world's business owners are far too busy to know about .INFO and .BIZ, (won't even mention .MUSEUM or the highly-prized .AERO).  Even the sunrise periods aren't long enough.  Actually, most trademark holders will sleep through the sunrise periods.  The fact that they missed the sunrise periods will only be used against them when they try reverse highjacking later.
So a heartfelt thanks, ICANN, for creating so few new TLDs, and no real competition to .COM.  I will scoop up great .INFO domains before many other companies and individuals, thanks to the dozen or more ICANN-accredited registrars that are giving better chances to those who pay a couple of bucks, or in the case of, their good customers. 

Remember, it's estimated, conservatively, that at least 30% of domain name sales are to speculators.   We'll all gobble up whatever valuable domains we can, much like cheap real estate.  Umm good.  Thanks again for only creating two usable TLDs.  My speculation dollar goes much farther that way.

Um um good!


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