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Username: jonpostel
Date/Time: Thu, July 5, 2001 at 9:33 PM GMT
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Subject: Yes, You Should Be Able To ...


                ... start your own TLD if you wish, .asshole, .mutherfucker, etc.  No big deal.  If you could gain enough market share, such as, then your registry would probably do quite well.  However, there is probably little demand for .asshole, or .mutherfucker, so you probably wouldn't make much money.  However, if you wanted to make no money, or operate at a loss, just for the love of operating your .asshole registry, then no one should be able to tell you "NO".  It's called the free market.  Those with large market share will prosper (i.e. ICANN/Verisign, Afilias, Neulevel, and  The difference is: has to work for its market share.  Verisign/NSI and Afilias had the market share handed to them, on a silver platter, by ICANN.  Now if you want to support and be a part of the club where the boss was handed his success, then go ahead.   

How about this:  In my opinion, anybody stupid enough to start the .asshole and .mutherfucker regisries, is one dumb mutherfucker!   


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