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Username: trademarks
Date/Time: Fri, July 6, 2001 at 11:50 AM GMT
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Subject: Alternative roots for .biz or other tld's



                maybe you are right. dot biz was first known at Atlantic root. You say "Icann must stop this insane attack on namespace".

But: Also other tld's were known earlier, like .web from IOD, (IANA charged to testbed),or namespace with more than 100 tld's aso.

The difference is, that for example IOD and , and others followed the rules and directions of ICANN and applied for new tlds and paid 50 000 $ for this, and are waiting for approval from ICANN.

See decision from ICANN - meeting in Califoria:
.   Broad consensus with respect to any of the five additional TLDs? Name.Space, IODesign, .UNION, .KIDS, .LAW.
            McLaughlin: Determination of whos a union? An independent body. Reviewed comment forum, and there were no union organizations opposing the application. AFL-CIO favored this. Board must decide how representative the comments in favor were.
            Cohen: This is a good proof-of-concept. Technically sound. Representative.
            Kraaijenbrink: Dont know if its representative. Dont know registration policy. It might be delegated in the future, but not in this batch.
            Touton: Board members who havent spoken on this subject? Show of hands? Five favor addition to main list. Five against. No consensus.

      Any request from your to ICANN?



Link: decision Meeting ICANN november 2000

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