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Username: jeweyjewman
Date/Time: Wed, July 11, 2001 at 1:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Ben Edelman And A Bong?  Here, Read About It ...


        I’m an American planning on traveling to Russia early this September. I’ve been unable to find a Russian sponsor for a 3 month visa and I’m trying to avoid all the bullshit which comes with the tourist visa. I’ve contacted you in the hope that your good nature will guide you to help a poor sap like myself make contact with a Russian willing to sponsor a stranger’s visa.

Ben Edelman


Dear Mr. Edelman,

We contacted over 11,000 Russians asking if they’d sponsor Ben Edelman’s visa, and each, oddly enough, told us, “idi na khui!” What that means, Ben, is that you’re going to have to speak to what in America are called “travel agencies”. In these “travel agencies” they will help you arrange a visa. We know this sounds complicated, but if you ever manage to peel your lips from your bong, you might be able to figure it out.


After all, it's "public record".       


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