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Username: kendall
Date/Time: Mon, April 3, 2000 at 7:07 AM GMT
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Subject: Vote for gTLDs


                I believe that Working Group C (WG-C) has clearly stated the situation, and given the Board a direction to begin immediate implementation of 6-10 new gTLDs followed by hundreds more. I would urge the DNSO and ICANN to solicit public opinion to determine which gTLDs will be added to the root servers. I support these TLDs for the initial test:


This move to expand the namespace is 5 years past-due. The sooner ICANN begins this implementation the better! The initial test period should be a short (maybe 6 month) period to evaluate the technical issues involved in the implementation of the new names.

If there are no major technical problems the introduction of hundreds or thousands of new gTLDS should be set as policy. The market should determine the need for, and effectiveness of a gTLD.

Network Solutions should lose it's monopoly of the namespace based  on 'artificial scarcity'. This is the reason ".com" names sell for 7 figures now. ICANN must vote to add new gTLDS now!



Link: Vote for new gTLDs

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