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Username: dkgibson
Date/Time: Mon, April 3, 2000 at 8:22 AM GMT
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Subject: Against gTLDs


Greatly simplified, it seems to me that the arguments for gTLDs are:

- To increase the number of available names.
- To reduce or eliminate name speculations.

The arguments against:

- Increased consumer name confusion;  having to remember a TLD in addition to a business name.
- Increased trademark violations as new names are assigned.

While the arguments FOR are commendable, I'm still against more gTLDs, for the following additional reason:

It seems to me that if people wanting a domain name would just be creative about thinking up a name rather than complaining about their lack of availability, there would be plenty of possible names.  Two examples:

When I first started a computer software business over 20 years ago, I picked the name "Prime Software".  Of course, it didn't take long for me to find there was a name conflict with an existing company.  I thought long and hard about a new name that would be relatively easy to remember, but unique, so I picked a company name that was a contraction of two common words.  Last year I registered the .com, .net, and .org versions of that contraction.  Today, I notice that all other reasonable variants on the two words are still available as .org, .net, and .com domain names.

Ok, so maybe I was lucky.  So, for an experiment for this message, I randomly picked an industry with thousands of individual businesses:  the dry cleaning business.  I decided to look for a .com domain name for such a business.  Sure, "" was taken, as were several variants.  But "" and a number of variants are still available.  I submit to you all that it's easier for a consumer to remember "kleen4u" and tack on ".com", than it is to remember "" as distinct from the many other gTLDs that this proposal will create.

Maybe this is stating it a little strongly, but a free society should reward those who are creative (about names as well as products), and not reward those who are lazy (about thinking up names) or whiners (about not getting the name they want).  Unfortunately, there are too many people that think that the Internet is some new magic potion for instant fame and riches, and that somehow if they don't get the "right" domain name, they will miss out.  Success in business comes from hard work and product innovation, and not from being first in the current marketing craze sweeping the country.

There are plenty of domain names to go around.


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