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Username: DougLorenz
Date/Time: Tue, April 4, 2000 at 1:08 AM GMT
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Subject: I favor new gTLDs


        I strongly favor the introduction of new generic top level domains.  Currently, it has become incredibly difficult for individuals and small companies to establish a web presence with a domain name that suits them.  Companies like "Mailbank" and others have bought up an incredible number of domain names in the .com, .org and .net gTLDs, and new arrivals find that they really have no options.  Mailbank alone advertises that they own over twelve thousand domain names.

It is not unreasonable to offer more opportunities to small businesses and people who wish to establish an online presence.  Obviuosly, there will be some people who choose to duplicate another website, or mirror a trademark of some sort, but these problems need to be handled on a case by case basis.

For now, I would strongly suggest that generic top level domain names such as ".web", ".shop" ".sex" ".info", ".art", ".firm" be implemented as soon as possible.  After a handful of new domain names is added to the mix, it would be possible to see how the world is affected by the limited changes.  Then it would be possible to decide on the long-term future.

I also believe that there should be an additional group of gTLDs adopted which are more regulated, which can clearly establish the organizations and companies that use them.  Something like ".air" could be available for airlines, where only FAA recognized airlines would be able to buy in.  The domain ".isp" could be available just for internet service providers.  There are endless opportunities here, and the greater regulation on these types of gTLDs would satisfy many of the concerns about trademark issues.


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