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Username: Frank S.
Date/Time: Tue, April 4, 2000 at 11:10 PM GMT
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Subject: New GTLDs are needed? Sounds like more Pandemonium...


  In order for the net to grow it seems sensible that new TLDs must be added. A business person may think twice about starting an online sales organization if the only name remaining is "" But how do you avoid the pandemonium and rush to new domains? Do you think speculators who have invested tens of millions registering domains will quietly sit on the sidelines as "joe businessman" humms and haws over whether a domain is right for him? How do you fairly allocate responsibility of dolling out registrations to the countless new registrars? The .web extention (one of my personal favorites) has been selling advance registrations for years.  At, speculators have taken the best names in that popular extention (trademarks and all). How will I get a .INFO or .NOM name?  Will I have to get a wristband or sleep on the sidewalk in front of my Registrars office to be the first in line? Will the Registrars have to get wristbands and sleep outside the offices of ICANN to be the exclusive registrar of a new TLD or will all registrars simultaneously offer all names at the same time (quite an undertaking). What about those speculators buying .web names now? Will they be entitled to keep their names? They didn't buy them from an ICANN approved registrar--

So the web needs a new extention... here is the answer:

1) Implementing no new TLD's is too politically dangerous, as there is now a palpable albiet unfounded sense that "all the good ones are gone" There are plenty of .nets and .orgs available, but people want a .com and and because they're to late, they want a better .com
2)Give the people what they want. Add the popular TLDs mentioned repeatedly and more... I want my children to be able to buy .COOL and .WOW and .CLOTHES and .VACATIONS  tens of thousands of them. The net result will be the same. The quick and the clever will buy the best of those extentions and the rest of us will be wondering how we missed out.


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