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Username: Teri
Date/Time: Wed, April 5, 2000 at 9:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Let's Get Really Real!


      This is essentially the new frontier here on the planet.  Just like with the wild wild West (this is applicable to any Nation..not simply America), human nature will find a way.  If new gTLDs are introduced a few at a time, there is a logical format reasoning that it can go fairly smoothly...with the usual commonplace ins & outs of any endeavor.  The operative phrase here...any endeavor.  This is expected.  So, we just plan for it and deal with it.

.web is being discussed here.  Common sense tells me that this is a Universally recognized word.  Someone said that in the next 10 years, only 1 out of 5 users of the internet will be English Speaking?  Again, let's use Common Sense.  Most other countries teach English as a standard language..And, anyway, the terminology being used...for example .web or .com  is Symbolic language.  It becomes Recognized Universally..just like some Latin words are still being used today.

Am I biased to .web?  Not really.  We have the name because we like the way it rings.  We chose to go ahead and invest in some .web names which relate to our business as a Search Portal..Our choice.  Just like it is the choice of some to invest in whatever they feel suits their respective purpose.  If there is a registry & I want to take a chance with that registry like .web, that is something I choose to do.  Why should I sit back and wait for someone else to come along later and buy the name join.web or hottestonthe.web or findit.web when these are Names applicable to our Search Portal!  It is my money and my chance ticket to obtain a product which I feel will be useful to my endeavor at a later date.  Also, why not have .web?  Why not have .firm or .art or whatever. as gTLDs just as long as it is done appropriately and feasibly.

Well, I have said my piece.  I will say I am enjoying the diversified opinions here...the Pros and the Cons..afterall, that is what Public Forums are all about!

My Best to All!


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