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Username: jbond
Date/Time: Wed, April 12, 2000 at 2:39 PM GMT
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Subject: ICAN's fallacy on new TLD names


        In its argument to create new TLDs, ICANN correctly states that .com names are increasingly hard to register and that they are changing hands at inflated prices in the aftermarket. While this is true, new TLDs will NOT solve this problem.  Speculators will not only register names from the new pool of TLDs, but speculators will register them at a much faster rate than .com names are presently being registered. We already see most every usable word already registered/reserved under the .web TLD, even though .web TLD is not yet active. I strongly suspect ICANN is underestimating just how quickly speculators are willing to register a new TLD name. Within a very short amount of time, all of the new TLDs will become very crowded (as are .com's and .net's), and should a TLD "catch on" in the public's eye, we'll see that TLD become as crowded as .com. These facts completely undermine's ICANN's argument for creating new TLDs.

That having been said, there ARE certain things the new TLDs will accomplish.  The new TLDs will pour millions of new dollars into the coffers of registrars, primarily from speculators, and yes, from corporations as well. The new registration fees also may or may not assist ICANN with this finanical issues.

In closing, I do not have an issue with creating new TLDs.  I just believe ICANN should provide solid arguments and evidence for doing so. The speculator issue aside (since new TLDs will not solve speculator problems), I am yet to see any ICANN evidence that justifies the creation of new TLDs (except money).

Josh Bond


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