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Username: Lyrad
Date/Time: Wed, April 12, 2000 at 5:34 PM GMT (Wed, April 12, 2000 at 10:34 AM PDT)
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Subject: Pre-Registration


                                Hi All,

From:Daryl Tempesta

Full time Internet Design Engineer, Developing industry wide internet applications from begining to end. Including ebuisness strategy including domian strategies to information design and production for and early developer for
sites include:,, many others.

It is my opinion that that there will be new TLDs. So the question is how to open these new TLDs and provide the least amount of new litigation and make it fair to new domain registrants. After all a new domain is worthless if it is tied up in court or in domain resolution limbo.

Many of you will recognize that this is an advanced perspective on the domain issue and below will suggest a solution.

I am not refering so much to domains or pre-reserved domains already protected by law (106th congress) and Trademark law; But rather those new domians pre-registered under the community of domian registrars outside this scope.

Why? Well its apparent and confirmed that for the most part even the registrars participating under CORE do not compair which new pre-reserved domains have already been reserved. This is resulting in multiple pre-registrations and since many of the domains are generic in nature there will be a groundswell of litigation and a burdon placed on ICANN, WIPO, etal.

How did they get in this mess? Simply by not comparing the pre-reserved domains in a single pre-registration database using the same root(s) unlike

HOWEVER, by policy, checks all of its registrations and pre-registrations by availble public root servers. This is the level of policy and discipline that should form good public domain policy and ICANN should adopt.

In addition Name.Space root(s)should be chosen because of this reason and for the fact that the the pre-registration of the potential new TLDs are still widely available. Unlike the CORE group.

I suggest requiring all registrars to use the same roots for pre-registration to protect the public and commerce. already has the roots defined and I belive all registrars should use the exact root checking procedures and root database to clean up this problem and help the launch of the new TLDs go smoothly what ever they are.

Lets get some logical registration on the pre-registration process.

Thank you .


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