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Username: lyrad
Date/Time: Thu, April 13, 2000 at 5:46 PM GMT (Thu, April 13, 2000 at 10:46 AM PDT)
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Subject: Pre-registration mandate


                Hi All,

The following is my opinion.

I'm glad that the touchy trilogy of world users, commercial interest,
and Domain developers has been opened.

Its my opinion that get to the most recent issues concerning Domain
practice and policy, it is most helpful to this debate if you become
educated in the bigger picture regarding domains. Reading the book:
THE DOMAIN NAME HANDBOOK is a great step in this direction to gain
perspective: also understanding how IE 5.0 deals with blind typed
keywords and RealNames keyword registration system will help complete
the picture. Also understanding that there are other policy
recommendation groups our there and what their role is essential. This
is the main reason why there are currently no checks to the
pre-registration process; That is, there is no one central root being
used to assure that the name you pre-register is available.

The concern of many is the pre-registration part of domain policy and
practice. Its a given there will be new TLDs. So how can the
transition go smoothly? The current system is far from perfect but at
least everyone uses the same root (for the already existing TLDs like
.com, .net etal). If ICANN, CORE, IOD, can agree to get this done then
there should be a pre-registration notification site which sends out
notices to the people who paid for these Pre-Registrations. Why? Allow
them to meet at this site and try to resolve the domain dispute before
it goes live.

For example if Fred and Jane Pre-register the same 6 great domains and
the day the TLDs go live, there’s a great chance that one of them will
get all 6. But if they could be matched at the site I'm describing
they could agree to swap 3 each and there would be a reduced chance
for dispute.

This assumes that all of the CORE roots are available in a meaning
full way for the public for this purpose. This of course is not
probably going to happen. And for those that thinking that adding the
new TLDs will get them their new domains are not being realistic. The
fact is if you have a good domain you will be competing with tens
maybe scores of other pre-registrants. So many great plans and great
disappointment will occur, not to mention lost fees.
I would be mad as H**l if this happened to me and I'm sure it will to
many who read this.

This is why I think we should petition the government, ICANN , CORE
and other parties involved to implement a single root for
pre-registration. If they won't do the responsible thing I say ax all
CORE pre-registrations and use the one that not only is one of the
oldest but practices responsible root policy,

name-space .com has a few features like voting for your favorite
domain which is a bit of a glamour contest (and who really cares)
and has many other proposed TLDs; however the ones in interest are the
ones reported to ICANN as the likely new additions:.web, .firm, .arts,
.shop, .rec, .nom
and the last you can find on your own ;)

You may not get the one you want but you would have a EXCELLENT
of getting a super cool one like ...airplane.web

This is just a wake up call to ICANN and CORE to do their business or
let some one else do it.

I will be providing a list of government official of which I have
petitioned for a single root policy. THANKS!


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