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Username: Teri
Date/Time: Sun, April 16, 2000 at 4:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Not Reasonable nor Economically Sound...Respectfully,..


      I disagree.  .Com is not a dictatorship allowed to rule the Internet..just as .Net or .Org is not, alongwith the other TLDs in existence.  If your clients reasoning was allowed to take foothold in the Web as a whole,..can you imagine what this does to Free Enterprise?  Think about this:  What if every general clothing store (brick and mortar) that are already out there in operation said something like you are suggesting:...i.e. there can be no more clothing stores opened because we have invested too much money in our store and the competition would hurt us.  If you do allow new clothing stores to open around the World, you must give us a 90 day head start on obtaining our locations.

Whoa!....can you even phantom what this does to Society as a Whole if this Attitude is adopted by ICANN?  ICANN then will be viewed as a Web Dictator and that is the Real of it!

See, even though I have a .Com business, I want New gTLDs..It will be up to me to obtain what names under whichever gTLDs are put into operation.  That is what I must plan for, look for and so be it!..But, I do NOT want a 90 day lead on the rest of the Web World.

If the .Com addresses were give ANY advance preferences, then we are saying to the world...if you have beach front property on ANY beach, then, as Other beaches are opened up for settlement/purchase the ones already with owned property on the initial beach has Priority to buy up all the Beachfront properties first before the General Public can come in and get what is left.  I Respectfully submit that this is NOT the way it should be!

Best to All!


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