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Username: meta
Date/Time: Thu, April 20, 2000 at 3:31 PM GMT
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Subject: Ending domain name speculation


It's worth asking: Why is domain name speculation such a problem?

It seems to me that the reason is simple: Because domains can change hands between individuals.

Imagine if telephone numbers worked the same way.  You'd see people paying millions for really good 800 numbers.  But it *doesn't* work that way -- you have to buy the 800 numbers from the phone company, so you don't see cool 800 numbers being sold on eBay for two million dollars.

Imagine if the domain registrars banned the third-party trade in domain names. If you no longer wanted a domain, you'd just have to hand it back and the registrars would auction it off or sell it to the first interested party. This would kill the parasites who buy up hundreds of domain names overnight, and free those names for sale at reasonable prices.

What kind of business people are in charge at Network Solutions, that they watch domains changing hands for two million bucks and don't wonder to themselves "Why aren't we getting any of that?"


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