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Username: GVRecieve
Date/Time: Fri, April 21, 2000 at 12:34 AM GMT
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Subject: If gTLDs not recommended, here's should happen


        If the Names Council recommends based on the small amount of commentary available here, or in the less than one-hundred emails sent in, then it's a pity and very short-sighted. Indeed, this was a very short period of time allowed for input and the deadline should be extended.

Too bad the news of this going on wasn't widely disseminated through the usual news outlets of Wired, ZDNET and CNET. But I believe they may have been only protecting their own interests and not that of their public.  

If the gTLD proposal "does not" go through, this is what I would like to see happen; (I'd like to see it happen, even with gTLDs)

1) Registrars require that all domain names must be paid up front with a credit card. This would stop a large amount of cyber squatting.

2) For any registrar that insists that it have a 30-day grace period, then they should be required to include on the domain name record a notation that the name has not been paid for and, if not paid for, when it will again be available. And then "stick" to the 30-day grace period, not a day more.

Regarding number one above, don't reference me other real-world examples such as houses, cars, etc. In most cases you *must* have purchased the property up front,or you sign a binding legal document that makes you completely liable for any and all payments if there is a grace period on payment. In other words, you sign for the property and if no one buys, your stuck and have to pay.

Even if you're an agent who sells for commission, you cannot bind up the property against a future sale. Ever see a house disappear off of a street pending sale? Ever see a car hidden from prospective buyers while someone made up their mind? Can a grocery store tell you that you can't buy "that" bunch of bananas because they might find a different buyer in a little while for a better price? No, none of this happens so don't whine to me about "free enterprise". You don't own it until you pay for it and this is what should be firmly established.

And don't whine about those without credit cards; like I don't know what almost all people do when they need something to be paid for by credit and don't have one, or theirs is charged to to the max, "Hey mom (dad, sister, brother, friend, co-worker), I really need to have this domain name to make a go of my new business, here's $70 up front, can you let me use your card so I can secure the name?" This loophole of not paying up-front must be closed.

It's idiocy to allow someone to reserve every word in the dictionary, by which they prevent others from gaining a domain name and then, in the end, no sale is made.




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