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[wildcard-comments] Stick to your guns

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  • Subject: [wildcard-comments] Stick to your guns
  • From: Richard Lamont <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 17:01:10 +0100
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Verisign's latest lousy stunt - the public opinion survey - shows
that they know they can't defend their case on engineering grounds.
And engineering is what matters here, not spin and froth.

Public opinion, even if it exists as Verisign claims, is no
substitute for competent network design. It is therefore irrelevant
to the technical issues.

However, PR-wise, it would be "politically incorrect" to dismiss
public opinion out of hand. This survey is Verisign's strongest
card and it will need to be demolished with care.

Verisign's behaviour in this whole matter has, in my opinion, been
absolutely disgraceful throughout.

ICANN is clearly 100% in the right on this and Verisign are a slimy
bunch of creeps.

They are in breach of contract. My advice is to re-award it to
someone else as soon as possible. Preferably a non-profit, so we
don't get a repetition of this pointy-haired crap in the future.
If they threaten to sue, just tell 'em, "Go on, punk. Make my day!"
Their case is very weak and in all probability they would lose.
Both sides know that, and both sides know the other side knows it

- -- 

Richard Lamont
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