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[wildcard-comments] VeriSign needs to be removed from handling of the top level .com and .net domains

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  • Subject: [wildcard-comments] VeriSign needs to be removed from handling of the top level .com and .net domains
  • From: "Blake" <blake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 10:15:52 -0700
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  • Thread-topic: VeriSign needs to be removed from handling of the top level .com and .net domains

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  VeriSign's complete lack of technical understanding and utter contempt for the engineering community at large raises serious questions as to its ability to correctly administer the top level .com and .net domains. DNS and network administration in general should be handled by responsible engineers that follow the ICANN code of ethics and have as their top priority the proper, secure and bug-free operation of the network operations they have been given control over. As such, changes to the configuration of said network operations should be undertaken with extreme care and with a thorough and objective review. VeriSign, on the other hand, has displayed a total distain for such technical reviews and has also demonstrated their lack of objectivity in the biased results they offer as proof that their sitefinder "service" is overall good for the internet.


  In regards to the sitefinder "service" itself, the question must be raised as to what right VeriSign has to forcefully put in to place such a thing as they deem beneficial to the overall internet community. If sitefinder is of any use at all, it is only so on one protocol (TCP/IP) and one port (HTTP) and in a special circumstance (when a user mistakenly mistypes a URL). In terms of the multitude of internet traffic destined for other purposes or for internet traffic going to an existing URL, sitefinder serves no purpose at all. To sacrifice the overall stability of the internet and to cost companies millions of dollars in network administration costs and software development costs that must be spent in order to restore other internet services to correct operational order just for this small "benefit" that amounts to having a search engine appear when an incorrect URL is typed in a web browser is outrageous.


  It appears that the decisions at VeriSign are not being made by the technical engineers, but instead by the corporate executives whose only goal is to increase the profits of the company regardless of the technical ramifications of their actions. As such, oversight of the top level .com and .net domains should be withdrawn from VeriSign and assigned to another corporation of ICANN's choosing.

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