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[wildcard-comments] Re: VeriSign SiteFinder

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  • Subject: [wildcard-comments] Re: VeriSign SiteFinder
  • From: "Peter Dodge" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 16:31:15 +0100
  • Sender: owner-wildcard-comments@xxxxxxxxx

To ICANN and the SECSAC:

I am deeply satisfied that VeriSign has suspended it's sitefinder 
service. It's operation coinstituted a fundamental change in the 
functioning of the .com and .net top-level domains that caused many 
nameservers to function improperly, my own included.

However, I am distressed by VeriSign's press release that has expressed 
that there is support for the SiteFinder service and that they paln to 
re-enact it. The (obviosuly biased in their favour) press release is 
available here:


The fact that people prefer a search service to a complicated error 
message goes without saying. However, it is my belief that this should 
be a client-side choice, not one that should be forced on them by the 

As well, there are many problems related to anti-spam and DNS utilities 
that have been expressed by the commenters to ICANN that I need not 
repeat. I will, however, strongly emphasize that these changes 
constitute a fundamental change in the operation of the DNS that is 
used for financial gain. Such a practice of breaking the operations of 
other competitors and operators while gaining money in the process is 
both unethical and unlawful, as provided by the Fair Competition Laws 
in Canada. It is difficult if not impossible for other domain name 
sellers to compete when verisign gains free access to domains that they 
would otherwise have to pay about $9 each for.

I hope that ICANN will enforce restrictions on or completely revoke the 
ability of VeriSign to operate as a domain registrar given this and 
multiple past examples of it's unethical and immoral business practices.

The future of the DNS system and the ability for othe registrars to 
compete hinges upon ICANN's action or inaction in the matter. Let us 
all hope the ICANN will take appropriate action so that domain 
registration can remain a competitive market, as in a monopoly, it is 
ultimately the customers that loose out.
Peter Dodge,
Chief Executive Officer,
LiquidFire Studios


Peter Dodge

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