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Username: dotmdguy
Date/Time: Fri, July 7, 2000 at 12:47 AM GMT
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Subject: ccTLD-paying your dues!


      This is partially a response to Mr. Nick Lockett
as well as some personal comments of my own. In general, I am leary of lawyers. Lawyers tend to make things more complicated, combative, and expensive. On the other hand, it is good in my opinion that you are communicating, even though it is somewhat negative. Now maybe ICANN is deserving of such harsh criticism. They are unorganized. They do seem to lean more towards the interests of the larger "commercial", "big money" organizations. But as a simple common netzien, I am concerned that the Internet and of course, it's citizens will suffer if ccTLDs are allowed to function independantly. It seems to me that if the ccTLDs paid dues, and began the process of bringing order and sensibility to the Internet community, they would be providing a valuble if not absolute service to us all. With the ccTLDs participation and influence, they would soon be in complete control of ICANN anyway, and that would benefit us all.


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