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Username: janoschi
Date/Time: Sat, July 8, 2000 at 7:34 PM GMT
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Subject: Yes they are railroading


It is obvious to me that they are railrodaing for the following reasons:
1) ICANN is posting with 7 days time for review.
2)Their BBS is, as they admit experimental. Given the fact that BBS's exist since before the Internet started, it is funny to see that an organization like ICANN still uses an experimental interface.
There is no search possibilty on their BBS. This leads to the conclusion that they don't want clarity and their ICANN at large is further proof of this.(look at the interface!!!)
3)Last but not least why do they choose countries like Japan to hold their meetings? I expect the next meeting in the outback of Australia.

Sincerely from Mexico



Link: Yes they are railroading Check

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