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AfriNIC Comments

  • To: <afrinic-recognition@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: AfriNIC Comments
  • From: "Chris Reynolds" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:02:02 -0600

Please deny the AfriNIC application until full and proper responsibility can
be assured by AfriNIC for the address space in question. Historically, IP
space for the African region has been severely abused and should remain
under the control of a responsible organization. I am specifically referring
to the Nigerian 419 scam, which is still ongoing today.

Every single abuse report I have ever submitted to an African ISP has
bounced, or has been ignored. African admins have shown no responsibility
and I do not believe they have the authority or the initiative to police or
maintain their network space properly. Also, the social and economic
conditions pervasive on the African continent are well below modern
standards and direct management of IP space should only be awarded when mass
hunger, disease, and genocide (Sudan) have ceased.

A critical element shown in their Application for Recognition is a consensus
on policy elements. African nations have not been able to reach a consensus
in many areas, from natural resource allocation to AIDS vaccine use and I
have no reason to believe that a consensus could be reached among AfriNIC
members concerning policies which would result in constant disarray and
bickering among members.

Please do not reward those who have abused IP space in such a severe and
blatant way as those in Africa have done for so many years.


Chris Reynolds
(full identity withheld for obvious reasons)

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