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Consideration of Alternative Allocation Models - the RFP Model

  • To: <allocation-framework@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Consideration of Alternative Allocation Models - the RFP Model
  • From: "Caroline Greer" <cgreer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 01:05:48 +0100


Within the Framework Document posted for public comment, ICANN
acknowledges that a one-size-fits-all allocation approach to single
character domains may not work for all Registries and that there may be
variations proposed by certain gTLDs. dotMobi has proposed an
alternative allocation model and this proposal is currently under review
as part of the ICANN Registry Services Evaluation Process. 


As described in its recent response letter to ICANN
dotMobi has auctioned a number of its Premium Names in the past and
views this as a perfectly legitimate mechanism for allocating domains.
However, based on our experience and depending on the domains in
question, it is our belief that auctions do not always serve the needs
of a particular community and that certain domains are best allocated
using a distribution model such as the one dotMobi proposes for its
single character domains - a Request for Proposals [RFP] process. 


dotMobi uses the RFP process in conjunction with its Premium Names to
ensure that its sponsored community has access to high quality content.
The RFP process for single character .mobi domains would be designed in
a similar way to ensure that new content, features and services are made
available to mobile Internet users and that the full potential of these
domains is truly recognized. dotMobi is not seeking to make any profit
from this allocation process, rather it desires to see these domains
allocated to those that have an interest in enabling mobile friendly
content for the benefit of end-users. 


.coop has proposed a similar allocation model for its single character
domains and other Registries may have their own ideas. It is the
Registries that are in the best position to determine the most
appropriate allocation model for the domains that they operate.
Flexibility is crucial in recognition of the fact that Registries have
different business models, timing considerations and opportunities that
they wish to grasp. There may indeed be other allocation models beyond
the RFP and auction models and such creativity and innovation should be
encouraged. This is, one assumes, what the Registry Services Request
Process is designed to achieve (within the applicable framework).
Ultimately, while the sentiment may be admirable, ICANN's proposal to
push all Registries down the auction route may end up backfiring. 



Caroline Greer




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