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Re: [bc-gnso] Clarification as to which draft Charter to comment upon

  • To: "BC Secretariat" <secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, "BC gnso" <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [bc-gnso] Clarification as to which draft Charter to comment upon
  • From: "waudo siganga" <emailsignet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 16:39:35 +0300

Dear Colleagues - First my symphathy for Marylin's health issue
and hoping it resolves as soon as possible. I suggest she takes a
holiday after working and travelling non-stop for a number of

On the Charter document I would like to point out that in the
current draft 4.2. it is not clear who exactly will be the
"Council members" i.e. members of the EC excluding the Chair/Vice
Chairs. I am proposing we adopt a format similar to that used in
the NCUC to have Regional Representatives (representing the ICANN
regions) voted into those positions by members from the
respective region. RRs in my opinion will strengthen the BCs
outreach internationally and help strenthen compliance with ICANN
 Bylaws,  Article X, Section 5, Subsection 3.

In addition to other roles listed below, the RRs can also form
the Credentails Committee (3.4), bringing local knowledge where
required in reviewing membership applications from their regions.
This means that the Credentials Commitee comprise more than 3
members stated in the draft.

Other proposed roles for the RRs:1.
1. Recruiting new members from their regions
2. Working with members from their region to help them
understand the ICANN structure and participate in the
Constituency and ICANN
3.Voting on the EC
4. Ensure that members from their region are made aware of
and respond to calls for comments by members of the Policy
Committee on Task Force and other Council and other ICANN policy
development activities. Regional Representatives must provide a
reply to all such requests from the Policy Committee.
5. Help in the local coordination of BC meetings in their regions
when ICANN meetings are held in those regions

Kind Regards,
Waudo Siganga
WITSA Africa Region

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