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[bc-gnso] FW: URGENT -- Please read the note from me below: solicitation of volunteers for DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group/appointment of one BC member to own BC position

  • To: bc - GNSO list <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [bc-gnso] FW: URGENT -- Please read the note from me below: solicitation of volunteers for DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group/appointment of one BC member to own BC position
  • From: Marilyn Cade <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 17:21:27 -0500

Members: This is a URGENT reminder of the opportunity to volunteer to be 
considered as a volunteer for the DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working 
This has been on the ICANN websites for some time, and we have had a designated 
represenatative, Scott McCormick, on the drafting term for the Charter, 
appointed by the ExComm, in keeping with our BC Charter for such designated 
representatives. Scott has agreed to continue as the designated BC 
representative, who will commit to the time commitment and own the 
representation of the BC's formal positions and concerns as a member of the WG. 
The ExComm has accepted that and will so designate him.  Thanks to Scott for 
all his earlier hard work, and for agreeing to continue.   
Send your information as instructed by the email below -- to Julie Hedlund -- 
julie.hedlund@xxxxxxxxx. If you would be so kind as to advise the ExComm that 
you are volunteering, that would be appreciated and we will also keep in touch 
with Julie.  [You can send any such communications to excomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx and 
will reach the officers and councilors.] 
Individuals have to nominate themselves to be considered.  The deadline says 
tomorrow.  I want to explain the situation in more detail. It is a little 
confusing and is different from other WGs.

the end of this week. Do it earlier if you can.  
I called Julie and  asked for an extension until the end of the week.  The 
announcement pasted below is from the earlier postings of the invitation/notice 
from Julie Hedlund, which I am told was shared with community earlier. The 
original deadline of January 17 is long past. The deadline you are addressing 
is by end of this week, but earlier if you can.
WHAT YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING AS : You are volunteering to be considered as a 
member if you meet the criteria established in the Charter/which is attached 
and which is described below.  

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE GROUP'S WORK: It isn't quite clear how its work will 
then be reported into any of the three chartering SO groups: GNSO, ccNSO and 
ALAC. That will be a further topic of discussion, but it is an important group 
to the BC's interests.  I did discuss this with Julie and that will be further 
developed as the group is formed. 
There will be three chairs. Each group of volunteers from the three chartering 
groups : GNSO and ccNSO and ALAC would determine within their own 'members' who 
volunteer who would be the chair that they contribute to the co chairing. That 
will mean getting elected by your peers from within the GNSO, as far as I can 
determine. The Chair will have a heavier work load than the members, as would 
be expected.  
WORK LOAD: This group overall is going to discuss fairly complex and often 
technical aspects and will carry a pretty heavy and demanding work load.  Keep 
that in mind when you submit your request to volunteer to the working group.  
One of Scott's functions will be to keep the broader BC up to date on the 
progress and focus of the group, so that there is feedback from a designated BC 
representative and to advance the official positions of the BC on this topic as 
they are developed. This is an internal designation and will not affect 
consideration of any other member who volunteers. The decision for all 
participants will be made based on their submitted statements. 
SIZE OF GROUP: There is no information on the size of the group/at some point, 
it may become closed to new additions. 
INTERNAL DISCUSSIONS OF SSR INSIDE THE BC: These will be continuing inside the 
BC so that a BC position(s) can be developed. That is work in progress. All BC 
members will of course be appraised of that discussion as it is scheduled. 

Marilyn Cade, Chair, on behalf of the ExComm

> Dear members of the GNSO Community,
> This is the final reminder for Volunteers for DNS Security and Stability 
> Analysis Working Group.
> Please respond no later than COB 9 February 2011.
> As you may recall, the GNSO Council has adopted the charter of the Joint DNS 
> Security and Stability Analysis Working Group (DSSA WG). The objective of 
> this working group is to:
> .examine the level, frequency and severity of threats to the DNS;
> .the current efforts and activities to mitigate these threats; and
> .identify possible gaps in the current security response to DNS issues.
> The Charter is available at 
> http://www.ccnso.icann.org/announcements/announcement-15nov10-en.htm
> As this charter was also adopted by the ALAC and ccNSO and is in the process 
> of being adopted by the NRO, we are now calling for volunteers from the GNSO 
> community to join the DSSA WG.
> If you would like to become a member of the DSSA WG, please note that 
> following membership criteria apply:
> 1) You should have knowledge or expertise of the objectives of the DSSA 
> Working Group as referenced in the charter.
> 2) You should be prepared to actively participate in the activities of the 
> working group on an ongoing and long-term basis.
> 3) You should be prepared, if required, to sign a a Formal Affirmation of 
> Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure paper (see Annex B of Charter) and/or a 
> Non-Disclosure Agreement. The WG might want to set up a sub-working group to 
> access confidential or proprietary information. If you want to participate in 
> such a sub-working group you will most likely be be required to sign one or 
> both of the aforementioned agreements in order to ensure access to and 
> protection of confidential information.
> If you are interested in joining this Working Group, we also need a Statement 
> of Interest, containing the following information:
> .Current vocation, employer and position
> .Type of work performed
> .Identify any financial ownership or senior management/leadership interest in 
> that are interested parties in DSSA related topics.
> .Identify any type of commercial or non-commercial interest in DSSA related 
> topics. Are you representing other parties? Describe any 
> arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or 
> person(s) regarding your nomination/selection as a work team member.
> .DSSA Working Group members are expected to demonstrate knowledge or 
> expertise aspects of the objectives of the DSSA Working Group. Please, 
> identify any knowledge, expertise or experience you have that would be 
> relevant to the work of the DSSA Working Group.
> .Describe any tangible or intangible benefit that you receive from 
> participation in such processes, for example, if you are an academic or NGO 
> and use your position to advance your ability to participate, this should be 
> a part of the statement of interest, just as should employment by an 
> organisation that has an interest in DNSSA Working Group outcomes.
> The Statement of Interest will be posted on the DSSA Working Group website.
> If you are interested in joining the DSSA Working Group, please let me have 
> your statement by the 17 January 2011, at the latest. If you have any 
> questions about the DSSA WG, please contact Julie Hedlund, Policy Director, 
> at julie.hedlund@xxxxxxxxx.

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