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lifting of price controls? NO THANKS.

  • To: biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: lifting of price controls? NO THANKS.
  • From: Domains Owner <domains@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:53:46 -0500

Lifting of price controls ?
English is not my native language but let let me se if I get it right:

1) Today I register a .biz domain for few dollars because I have a great idea to develop. 2) I invest lot of money and lot of work on my idea and on my few dollars domain I develop a very successful site. 3) Then, after 10 years, when it is time to renew my few dollars domain, I get the following email by my registrar:
"Congratulations Mr. Tonelli,
you did really a great job with your few dollars domain.
We are glad to inform you that now, if you want to continue your business, the new yearly fee for your few dollars domain is $XX,XXX per year. We are sure you agree that this is very reasonable price for continuing your so successful business and we are sure you understand that we deserve a piece of the cake, however if you feel this as an abuse you are welcome in let expire your ex-few-dollars-domain, we will take care of it.
Best regards,

I get it rigth or my English is so bad that I did not understand this "Lifting of price controls" thing ?

Attilio Tonelli 

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