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Info, Org and Biz TLD Agreements

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  • Subject: Info, Org and Biz TLD Agreements
  • From: "Wixom, Richard" <rlw@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 00:53:56 -0500

My understanding was the role of ICANN was to look out for the best
interests of the internet and its participants.  However, following the
ICANNs agreement to allow Verisign to increase .com registry prices --
in spite of decreasing costs - ICANN has now created another debacle.  


How can differential pricing with no price cap be rationalized for a
natural monopoly.  And how can ICAN provide "presumptive renewal" on
such a contract with virtually no conditions or exit clauses?  Has no
one at ICAN taken Economics 101 and learned the basics of natural
monopolies, price controls, and anti-competitive markets?  I am truly


And why is this agreement being pushed through at such at premature
date, with little public notice or time to comment?  Gentlemen, I don't
want to think ill of your motives but I was taught to "judge actions and
not words". And your actions seem to be speaking quite loudly.


I am strongly opposed to these anti-competitive agreements which serve
only to enrich the registers at the expense of all others participants,
and which award monopolies to registers virtually in perpetuity.  



Richard Wixom


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