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[ga] VeriSign announces support of .biz/info/org proposed contracts

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  • Subject: [ga] VeriSign announces support of .biz/info/org proposed contracts
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:42:35 +0100

How does lifting price caps ensure the continued security and stability of its
infrastructure? VeriSign, you support the propositions? What a surprise...not. How does this "balance" protect internet users--by lessening the population of websites? That's exactly what will happen if these propositions go through. Passing these contracts will ensure the use and even skyrocketing use of free website providers under subdomains. You're not even taking into consideration trademarks and businesses built around them and the time and effort spent to make them what they are. The "incentives" and "flexibility" to continue investing in the infrastructure of the internet is left to the money-hungry companies and individuals such as VeriSign. Why don't you explain to the general public how that comes into play.

And how would this become a level playing field? Certainly not for registrants. It seems that these propositions all revolve around ICANN and the registries. That's right, leave registrants and domainers out of the loop. Real smart.

This is my last post on this matter, since the deadline is Monday at 5:00 pm. ICANN and the likes of VeriSign simply do not understand or care to listen to domainers or registrants and the wills and wants of the public. You're message board is extremely below par, you don't listen to anyone on the domain boards, you constantly screw people on decisions and a good many of you don't even own domains. Isn't it an oxymoron that you are the governing body of the internet? Yeah, sure it is.

It's a sad state of affairs when you get a relative handful of responses to these propositions given the severity of the decision only because you've posted this at the forum at icann.org and have taken no consideration of the thriving communities outside of that (i.e. all the domain forums). There are actual online communities that live out there besides icann.org--believe it or not. Where and when did these propositions get publicly campaigned? That's right, only on icann.org. If you only wanted the public relations record to show that you offered a "public comment period" for people to voice their opinion on the proposed contract changes for .biz/.info/.org, then you could have not been so masked and schemed about it and just straightforward said: "We're going to debate the new contract propositions for .biz/.info/.org and make a decision for you--whether you like it or not." That would have been at least respectable.

This hiding behind the circa 1990's style message board with many of the decision makers having no domain portfolios at all is utterly ridiculous. You don't care to partake in the communities around you and yet you relish in the tech talk and big words from fellow board members and quiet times reflecting how this will ensure the continued security and stability of the infrastructure. In the meantime, you have lost touch with the registrants and how things really work out in the domain world. Try dropping yourself a few notches from your high ladder and listen to the "little" people for once, for Christ's sake. Good luck with your decision, because it certainly won't be the public's.

Russ Vallotton

"Ensuring the continued security and stability of its infrastructure is
critical to the continued growth of the Internet. That is why VeriSign
supports the proposed new registry agreement for .biz. The agreement
closely mirrors the model registry agreements that ICANN has already
used or proposed for .com, .info, .mobi, .net, and .org."

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