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opposition to variable pricing

  • To: <biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: opposition to variable pricing
  • From: "Glenn Altman" <galt907@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:26:48 -0500

As a domain name owner, I wish to comment on the proposed "variable pricing" 
component of the new agreement. 1.) You are dishonest in your attempt to "hide" 
this major alteration in the method by which fees are determined and paid for 
the renewal of domain names. I say dishonest because of your attenpt to "hide" 
it deep in the bowels of the entire agreement where you obviously believed few 
of us would bother to read.  Furthermore it is dishonest by not fully revealing 
the true nature of your propsed fee arrangment by the use of obtuse wording 
that appears benign, but actually gives you open season on my profits and the 
good will and busines-trade value which I have built through my work (not 
yours). Had you been more forthright, I would merely have called you greedy, 
not dishonest.

Secondly this would no longer be a fee for domain registration, but rather a 
tax upon my profits. I don;t understand why you think you are entitled to a 
portion of my profits just for maintining a registration of names. The only 
conclusion which can be reached by your attenpts is that you are greedy, 
dishonest and opposed to businesses growing on the internet without you getting 
a share of the profits without adding additional value. Therefore, I find your 
efforts in trying to sneakthis proposal through to be greedy, dishonest, 
disgusting, un-American, and the workings of small, lazy minds who are intent 
on "stealing" from more resourceful and industrious people.

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