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Opposing the tiered pricing & the removal of pricing caps

  • To: biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Opposing the tiered pricing & the removal of pricing caps
  • From: "Acroplex Technologies LLC" <acroplex@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:52:31 -0400


Does the ICANN committee wish to attain notoriety by being known as
the very few that damaged so many in so little time, through these

Put aside for a minute your personal agendas, capitalist driving force
and current perception of the domain market's particulars.

Removing the pricing caps and allowing the Registries to facilitate
tiered pricing would be a disastrous move. How would each domain name,
be it .ORG,.BIZ,.INFO be evaluated? Who would weigh the millions of
domains worldwide and tag them with a separate or approximate price?

We are not opposed to price-increasing, within reason. It has not been
a long time since Verisign/Network Solutions charged $50 per year per
domain. The Internet moved forward by removing the Registrar
monopolies and by keeping prices competitive.

We are opposed to the predictable anarchy, chaos and across-the-board
destruction that will occur if those loopholes are not closed and if
the proposed agreements are implemented as they are, without ensuring
protection of the end-users, commercial operators and investors. Legal
battles can and *will* carry on for years at a full world scale, by
everyone who would be affected by this committee's single act of
foresight lacking.

You're holding the button to the first Internet War - and it will
truly be global this time.


Theo Develegas

Acroplex Technologies LLC

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