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Opposition to proposed domain pricing changes

  • To: biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Opposition to proposed domain pricing changes
  • From: "Alan R. Bechtold" <alan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:18:06 -0400

I am writing to oppose the proposed changes to domain name registration pricing as detailed by ICANN. The proposal is nothing short of predatory pricing designed to line ICANN's pockets at the expense of successful businesses using their services, and those additional costs will only be passed along to consumers.

Imagine a wholesaler of clothing deciding arbitrarily that their most productive retailers who sell the most shirts must pay more for those shirts upon re-order! Of course, this would never happen because there is more than one company producing shirts. Competitive pressures prohibit such a move.

Not so ICANN, which has been granted a virtual monopoly over the domains it controls by the federal government. As such, its current proposed pricing structure changes violate the trust granted it by our legislatures, if not federal anti-trust law.

I not only oppose this proposal, I implore everyone to write your congressmen and senators immediately and alert them to the patently predatory moves currently under consideration by the monopoly they established. If this move cannot be stopped, the next step is for our legislature to break the ICANN monopoly and allow competition into this arena so the market can properly deal with the greed I see taking place here.

--- Alan R. Bechtold, president/CEO
BBS Press Service, Inc.

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