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  • To: biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx
  • From: Wolf Lover <wolfloverdotorg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:59:49 -0700 (PDT)

These proposed changes, if enacted and carried through will do nothing but hurt 
the small business person and the consumer with having to absorb higher prices.
  I see this as a complete monopoly. How can it be that ONE organization can 
control all domain names? If the Tiered Pricing proposal goes into effect, many 
of us will possibly lose our businesses.
  How can a business operate with no way to know the costs? If I know that 
normally it will cost me less than $10.00 per year to renew my domain name, but 
it is now not possible to know until one receives their renewal notice. What if 
the business person who makes $75,000.00 per year is now advised he/she must 
now pay $50,000.00 to renew his/her domain name for one year. Obviously this 
business owner cannot afford to pay that. This person is now out on the 
unemployment line with all the rest of us if this happens. 
  The public outcry about this issue would be even greater than it is if ICANN 
had not hidden the fact very quietly on their website. Had I not been on 
WebmasterWorld and someone not advised us of this, most of us would not even 
know. This came to my attention yesterday, (one day before you will stop the 
public posts). Well, how many others voices will you never hear because they 
did not know? If you were being upfront about this you would never have done 
this so secretively. Why did you not send out Press Releases, place posts in 
webmaster forums, etc. to let us know? Instead all you did was place a little 
tiny announcement page on your website, in hopes no one would ever see it and 
it would then appear to Joe Public that noone opposes this change.
  PLEASE do not put us out of business. Our families depend on us and if we are 
run out of business, we will be in the unemployment line along with many others 
who really do not need to be. Find another way to earn money, but not on the 
backs of those of us who already work hard for a living.
  Respectfully Yours, 
  Wynter Nash

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