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At-Large Review - Draft Report

  • To: comments-atlarge-review-draft-report-01feb17@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: At-Large Review - Draft Report
  • From: Alastair Strachan <alastairstrachan1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:09:59 +0100

Good Morning.

I have been having difficulties trying to save my comments in the template
so I wanted to send my comments via email before the public comments close.
Please see below:

Rec 1


*I believe this is crucial. The more users AT-Large can interact, discuss
and listen to, the better we can serve the end users as a whole. Raising
awareness of what ALAC does and its role within the ICANN community is the
only way to get more end users engaging with us and the community as a
whole. *

Rec 2


*I am a firm believer of quality over quantity. With many end users unaware
or simply not interested in the how the internet “works” the last thing we
should be doing is overloading them with information. *

Rec 3

*Support (with a caveat) *

*Having only attended my first ICANN meeting last week I have not had time
to study the “Empowered Membership Model that said, anything that will give
end users more of a voice in ICANN I am all for!*

Rec 4

*Not sure *

Rec 5


Rec 6

*Not sure*

*I do not have enough knowledge on this subject to comment  at this time *

Rec 7

*Not sure*

Rec 8


*The power of social media cannot and must not be ignored. I strong believe
it is the easiest way to interact with end users BUT more consideration
should be given to the less “global” networks. Regional Social networks
(Baidu - China, xandex - Russia, Yookos - Africa) must be considered if we
truly want to engage with end users everywhere *

Rec 9


*Having a dedicated person in charge of any web community can only benefit
that community as a whole. It is very easy to miss facts and opinions if
you have another 5 things you need to do at the same time. *

Rec 10

*Not sure *

Rec 11

*Not sure *

Rec 12

*Support *

*Regional engagement is the key! If someone is talking about something
which is happening on the other side of the world a lot of people will
simply think “hey, thats not going to effect me”  There are so many
regional event which take place that piggybacking  is a great way to engage
with people who may not necessarily take the time to come to a purely RALO

Rec 13


Rec 15

*Support *

Thanks in advance and I hope it is ok to submit my comments this way rather
than via the template. Please let me know if you need any more information
from me.

Kind Regards

Alastair Strachan

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