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Oppose change to bylaws requiring adoption of all policy "advice" issued by GAC

  • To: comments-bylaws-amend-gac-advice-15aug14@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Oppose change to bylaws requiring adoption of all policy "advice" issued by GAC
  • From: "Bruce A. Hamilton" <bhami@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 10:22:45 -0600

I understand that ICANN has proposed a major change to its bylaws that
would require the organization to adopt all policy &quot;advice&quot;
issued by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) unless 2/3 of ICANN's
non-conflicted board members vote to oppose the adoption of that
governmental rule. This draconian
proposal</a> to change ICANN's bylaws would fundamentally transform ICANN
away from being a &quot;bottom-up&quot; and
&quot;private-sector-led&quot; organization and into a governmental
regulatory agency by changing the GAC's role from &quot;advisory&quot;
into &quot;primary decision maker&quot; by essentially creating a
&quot;governmental veto&quot; on all key organizational decisions.
This is a truly dangerous proposal that would send the Internet back
towards the dark ages when the Crown controlled access to printing
presses and what information was allowed to spread. For the ICANN Board
to empower non-democratic governments by approving this bylaws change
would be among the worst damage done to the health and growth of the free
and open Internet since it was created. The ICANN Board should recognize
its obligation to promote democracy and protect everyone's use of the
Internet, but especially the disenfranchised by not empowering
authoritarian governments' control of the Internet with the adoption of
this draconian bylaws change. <br><br>
--Bruce (Bruce A. Hamilton, Salt Lake City, UT)<br>
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