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  • To: comments-bylaws-amend-gac-advice-15aug14@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [Shopovec]
  • From: "Shopovec" <artis.shopovec@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:42:04 -0400



        My name is Alexander Malashevskyi. I have more than 10 years engaged
in the graphic design, development models, processing and collage of
photos, design websites, creating websites turnkey.  

        I can perform the work remotely or at your office. At the moment I'm
in Miami, Florida. When working remotely ready Follow the important
quickly and efficiently.  


        http://fburls.com/51-HKnJkNgh/t/s/txt/cid/1121546/sid/242836714 [1] 

        http://fburls.com/12-uHWVDnjh/t/s/txt/cid/1121546/sid/242836714 border: 
border-bottom: solid windowtext 1.0pt; mso-border-bottom-alt: solid
windowtext .75pt; padding: 0cm 0cm 1.0pt 0cm;"&gt; 

        I am doing:  

        - Processing photos  

        - Creating a collage  

        - Installation of pictures in another photo  

        - Any treatment (styling, color management, retouching, restoration) 

        - Creating a collage  

        - Installation of photos to another photo - 25 ye  

        - Vectorized graphics files  

        - Design business cards  

        - Design flyers  

        - Logo Design  

        - Web site design  

        - Design a banner  

        - Design pages of the site  

        and other.....  

        Please send your inquiry and we will always agree on the price and

        Term - very fast)  

        Skype: wbt_kiev 


[1] http://fburls.com/51-HKnJkNgh/t/s/txt/cid/1121546/sid/242836714
[3] http://fburls.com/89-SWHA7p4E/t/s/txt/cid/1121546/sid/242836714
[4] http://fburls.com/2-2gNcvvAf/t/s/txt/cid/1121546/sid/242836714

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