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Opposed to Proposed Amendment

  • To: comments-com-amendment-30jun16@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Opposed to Proposed Amendment
  • From: russ@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 11:18:39 -0500

I strongly disagree with the proposed amendment to adjust Verisign's extension of the term of the .com Registry Agreement to coincide with the term of the Root Zone Maintainer Services Agreement.

There is no unique capability other than the generic one given: "to preserve and enhance the security and stability of the Internet or the TLD, and (b) as may be necessary for consistency with changes to, or the termination or expiration of, the Cooperative Agreement between Registry Operator and the Department of Commerce". There are other companies that have the capabilities to comply and entrust with these duties rather than continuing to grant Verisign the master controller of this monopolized .com space.

By continuing to grant Verisign the .com Registry Agreement, this stamps the impropriety of corruption by not offering this opportunity to other entities through a public tender/competitive bid process. Verisign is not the only company that has the ability to manage the .com Registry. Therefore, by ICANN assigning a six-year extension leaves to question why this is being pushed two years early with no explanation given other than through the "presumptive renewal", which does not grant Verisign an early automatic extension of renewal. There are people questioning why ICANN allows this to happen. The only thing that makes sense is that ICANN is in bed with Verisign and gets compensated in some manner to continue granting to Verisign without competition. The impropriety alone should steer ICANN from this path. However, trying to view this with a common sense hat actually makes no sense. Looking at it through the glass of ICANN getting kickbacks or similar pay-to-play scheme makes more sense than what is currently taking place. Since this question of impropriety exists, then perhaps ICANN needs to explain themselves on why such an obvious view of unscrupulous conduct is in place time and yet time again.

Lastly, there are 100% of the comments provided in this public comment forum which are opposed to Verisign extending their term of the .com Registry Agreement. It is very possible that the comment period will close with near or at the current 100% opposed. If Verisign is granted this extension with such an opposition percentage, then it means that ICANN truly does not care about the comments and will just act as they please, regardless.

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