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IAB comments on Identifier Technology Health Indicators: Definition

  • To: comments-ithi-definition-29nov16@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: IAB comments on Identifier Technology Health Indicators: Definition
  • From: IAB Chair <iab-chair@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 16:25:35 -0500

The IAB appreciates the opportunity to comment on ICANN’s initiative
on definitions for “Identifier Technology Health Indicators”

The IAB encourages any research about the functioning of the Internet.
We hope the data used and the outcomes of this effort will be widely

The IAB does see a risk that the broad scope of the project might be
misinterpreted as an assertion by ICANN of a broad policy remit.  A
research program such as the ITHI effort may provide interesting and
useful information to the world about the global DNS.  It would be
unfortunate if people were distracted by arguments about the extent of
ICANN's policy authority in this area.  This risk could be minimized
by a clear statement reminding potential readers of the limits to
ICANN's policy authority and noting how this research contribution is
in keeping with ICANN's bylaws, Article 1.

In addition, the extended metaphor used (a taxonomy of diseases) could
present a risk of constraining the results of the research. It seems
to include an assumption that the research will reveal that specific
systems and players are “healthy” or “diseased”.  This seems
unnecessarily limiting, and could overlook more complex relationships
among the data.  We suggest not trying quite so hard to present a
fully formed structure for research conclusions.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Sullivan
for the IAB

IAB Chair (Andrew Sullivan)

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